Boris Hauf

boris hauf

I have been working as freelance musician and composer since the mid 1990s, have released approximately 50 albums, composed music for 40 performance and dance pieces, 12 ensembles and 10 feature films.

As curator I have developed festivals and concert-series formats, record releases and large scale orchestral events. I am active in the education field since 2010 and founded my own label in 2015.

My musical practice oscillates between the free jazz and avant-garde new music of my early professional years, reductionist experimental electric-acoustic-improvisation (which my group efzeg was part of establishing in Vienna in the early 2000s), Chicago powerpunk (Lozenge), industrial noise (Fuckhead), experimental drone rock (TUB, Half Wolf), rock (Naked Lunch), cosmic blues drones sprinkled with kraut psychedelics (Owl & Mack), doom jazz (The Peeled Eye), postindustrial-sci-fi-space-techno-electronica (CLARK), film music, sound design and contemporary new music (Janus Ensemble, Arditti Quartet, et al).

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